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Program Description

The 8th Annual Nestlé Diversity Leadership Symposium (DLS)  is a four-day intensive business program where students will:
  • Gain invaluable exposure to life and careers with the world’s largest food and beverage company. 
  • Network with the key employees including members of the Nestlé USA Executive Leadership Team.
  • Partake in leader development skill sessions.
  • Give back to the community by utilizing their leadership skills in a volunteer activity.
  • Build a network of peers from universities across the nation.
  • Interview for an summer 2017 internship or a full-time development trainee program, returning to school with the chance of an offer in hand. 
Since 2009, DLS has been an exciting and signficant element of Nestle's commitment to diversity and inclusion.  DLS 2016 will provide a select number of undergraduate sudents the benefit of valuable time with Nestlé recruiters and key representatives for Nestlé's full-time and internship programs. 

DLS is ideal for diverse student leaders looking to learn about career opportunites within Nestle USA who are committed to getting a head start on their future careers.  

If you receive a job offer as a result of interviewing during DLS, you may also be eligible for a scholarship.  The scholarship is contingent upon acceptance of the job offer by the offer deadline.  Scholarship funds are paid directly to the candidate's school and contribute toward their outstanding tuition balance.